American River
Kangaroo Island, South Australia







Your author first visited Kangaroo Island in 2002 on holiday from Sydney - stayed at Vivonne Bay. Not particularly impressed at first, within a few days we were talking to Real Estate agents about buying some land. 18 months later, we were living here. That's how it is sometimes - the island creeps up on you.

Property: There is plenty of property for sale (less for rent), mostly at very reasonable prices by mainland standards especially considering the block sizes and possible spectacular views. In American River there is still plenty of land available if you prefer to build a new property. Power and telephone services are easily available in most cases - but do check the block you like before deciding. There is no reticulated water in American River - we all gather rain water during the wet season (winter) and most people manage quite comfortably on what they can collect. Water can be delivered if you run short. There is five real estate agents serving the island- Cliff Hawkins 08 8553 2346;Century 21 08 8553 2688; Landmark 08 8553 0277; Elders 08 8553 2102; Kangaroo Island Real Estate 0437 825 911.

Employment: There is little industry in American River but if you have a transportable skill then you may be able to find some work or set up in business yourself. If you'd like business advice, then look at the Regional Development Authority's website, or give them a call in Kingscote on 08 8553 3211. The Real Estate agents above may know if any local businesses are on the market.

Retirement: Don't think twice - do it!

Schools: There are no schools in American River so all children travel each day to either Kingscote or Penneshaw. The school at Penneshaw only services children to year 9 whilst Kingscote provides education to year 12. There is a small TAFE college in Kingscote which mainly provides ad-hoc courses but may also assist if you are doing an external university course. For more information, contact Kangaoo Island Community Education 08 8553 2074.

Community: There is a good community spirit in American River and on Kangaroo Island generally. If you have a problem, or need something doing, talk to your neighbours - they'll often know where you should go for help. There are a number of clubs around the island catering to residents' interests. Look in the local paper; talk to your fellow residents or consult at Kingscote library.

Transport: You will need a car as there is little public transport. Sealink do provide discounted fares for residents when you need to visit the north island.

Health: There is a medical clinic in Kingscote providing GP services (08 8553 2037) and a small hospital. If you need urgent attention beyond the capability of island resources, you will be flown to Adelaide. American River has an excellent volunteer ambulance crew who will provide first response services and transport you to Kingscote hospital if need be. They're always looking for new volunteers too - full training provided.


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